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  The Nueva is an exciting group that combines Yemenite folk songs with Afro Cuban rhythms, Latin arrangements and elements of Latin Jazz music. The mixture of these different music styles is truly unique and came out as a result of an encounter between musicians with different backgrounds.

  All arrangements and musical management by jazz pianist Eric Niceberg. 

  Singer Montserrat Franco started her career with classical music. After a few years of performing concerts in Europe and South America, Franco did a shift towards Ethnic and Folk music from South and Central America. In this album Franco takes her 'Latino' origins and combines it with Yemenite tunes (mainly love songs from the 15 & 16 century).

  Some of the songs are associated with Ofra Haza (Galbi, Im Nin'alu). Thanks to Haza, people around the world became aware of the Yemenite musical heritage. This album takes Yemenite music one step forward, fusing it with ethnic and Latin Jazz music.


"Doesn't sound like anything else..."



Montserrat Franco, Vocal

Eric Niceberg, Piano & Arrangements

Arie Volinez, Bass

Amir David, Drums

Joca Perpignan, Percussion


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