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Eric Niceberg  |  Tony Pancella  |  Piano Duet


Tony Pancella - Grand Piano

Eric Niceberg - Grand Piano


This project features pianists Eric Niceberg and Tony Pancella on a two-piano setting, presenting their new cd "Live at Piano World". A unique combination of styles, a musical journey that covers all the history of the jazz piano.

Meg Okura


Meg Okura is a virtuosu violinist and innovative improviser who has performed and recorded with Herbie Hancock, David Bowie, Quincy Jones, Michael Brecker, Philip Glass to mention a few.

In this project she takes her classical background and makes spectacular jazz adaptations to known classical pieces.


A tribute to Michel Petrucciani


This special musical project is dedicated

to the music of Michel Petrucciani.




The Nueva is an exciting group that combines Yemenite folk songs with Afro Cuban rhythms, Latin arrangements and elements of Latin Jazz music. The mixture of these different music styles is truly unique and it came out as a result of an encounter between musicians with different backgrounds.


Jazz Beatles


Israeli quintet `Jazz Beatles` was formed in 1997 as a special project for the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival.Although Beatles` tunes are very popular with jazz players all over the world, this ensemble manages to give them new life thanks to the original arrangements and brilliant playing.

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