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The Academy for Learning Music Online was created by a group of prominent musicians. The aim of the organization is to make music education accessible to the wide audience, in the highest level, while eliminating geographical limitations of both teacher and student.

Today, the abundance of knowledge literally lies in the palm of our hands. On the other hand, internet technology allows us to consume knowledge and learn in an interactive and unmediated fashion. Many aspects of learning which traditionally were learned in universities and schools have shifted to the internet.

In recent years, websites like Udemy and Lynda have become giant learning resources and offer thousands of courses on any subject you can think of.

The Academy for Learning Music Online was built as part of this movement, only that our courses are focusing only on music. All our teachers and courses need to meet special requirements and criteria in order to be accepted and proposed to the wider audience.

The Academy for Learning Music Online is a platform which connects the best music teachers to anyone who wants to learn how to play music, in the most easy, simple and practical way. All that’s needed is an internet connection!

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable learning experience!

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The Academy for Learning Music Online 

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